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  • In collaboration with the Pierce Family Foundation, developed and authored a best practices manual for program leaders working in the homeless services community. 

  • Provided Youth Job Center with a customized training manual specific to their usage of the Efforts to Outcomes software and facilitated a 2-day staff inservice.

  • Designed a new staff onboarding and orientation procedure for Horizons for Youth as they prepared to increase their staffing capacity while also promoting effective communication practices across departments.

  • Facilitated a webinar series focusing on data collection and quality improvement practices for the member clinics of the Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (IAFCC).  


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"I’ve known Alexis for over 10 years, which is one reason why, when I took on a position as Executive Director at an organization that had considerable work to do building and implementing new systems, I knew that Alexis would be the perfect choice. She has a rare combination of direct service and management experience that makes her uniquely suited to provide organizations with practical and implementable solutions to whatever challenges they might be facing. She has an incredible work ethic and is collaborative, thoughtful, and thorough in all she does."

Betty Bogg, Executive Director,

Connections for the Homeless

"Being an exclusively volunteer-run not for profit, Friends of Columbus needed guidance in how to put structure to our organization. Alexis was able to come in and assess the needs of our organization and help us implement a mission, vision and bylaws (among other things) and we are now able to work more efficiently. Alexis' expertise has also helped us with fundraising, goal setting and community engagement and she was present to support us every step of the way. "

Lindsay Siebert

Friends of Columbus

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