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Hurdles, Big and Small

I’m the kind of person that thrives on productivity. I love to be busy. I have excellent time management skills. I'll even go out on a limb to say that procrastination isn’t something I generally struggle with. Enter 2020.

Though I’ve been able to mostly maintain the same productivity level, a few things have definitely fallen to the wayside. One of those things is this blog! I took a 6-month break. And to be honest, it was pretty intentional - but I’m still working to not beat myself up about it. Because even though I definitely struggled for motivation at various points over these past months, my break from my blog and step back from social media was about something else. I’ve just felt like what I have to say at this time of great challenge for our country doesn’t really matter – which has been a big hurdle of mine.

As has been said over and over again this year, we are experiencing an unprecedented global crisis that has affected more facets of our lives than we could have possibly imagined.

So that being said, what kind of hurdles have you come up against the last 6 months? What unique challenges have you faced either personally or professionally?

If you work for or with a nonprofit, what types of hurdles has the organization come up against? In my work this year, I have helped organizations work through new, different and some wholly unexpected challenges. From hiring dozens of new staff members, to addressing self-care and stress management concerns and identifying alternative funding streams to meet the new needs of a community – there has been no shortage of big and small hurdles to conquer. And I feel confident in saying there are likely more to come as we navigate this public health crisis. I feel lucky to walk along side others in this journey and hopefully we can keep reminding one other to give ourselves grace, to be brave and to continue overcoming all the hurdles to come. I just did one!

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