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Reflecting on the past year

I’m not big on resolutions, I tend to think they set us up for failure. I do like to use the end of the year though to reflect on what happened over the past 12 months and think about what I’d like the next 12 months to look like. This year, similar to last, I’m feeling grateful for how my loved ones and I have survived through a pandemic. I am incredibly grateful for the fact that my consulting business has not just survived, but thrived in 2021. That fact is made even more meaningful by the fact that so many other businesses, large and small, are seriously struggling or have had to cease operations altogether. So, I’m using some of my down time this week to take stock, reflect and plan for the coming year. I’ve worked hard, learned a lot and certainly gained new skills.

But some of the most important lessons I learned this year (or those that were reinforced through experience are):

· Stay aware of my privilege and use it for good – don’t ever let this take a backseat

· Use my resources – they are plentiful, just need to tap into them better

· Having a support network and community are everything – cultivate it and return the favor

· Know when to say no or take a step back – especially to opportunities or activities that aren’t serving me anymore

As I think about what my professional goals are for 2022, I am especially drawn to ways in which I can better support my clients, and other nonprofits, through awareness/advocacy, partnership and volunteerism (see lesson learned third bullet point above…). I have a few professional goals lingering from years past that I hope to launch this year too, and will likely be calling on my consultant friends and mentors for support.

After I started writing this blog post, my holiday plans took a dramatic turn when a family member was diagnosed with COVID. So, yet again…we face reality, deal with disappointment, pivot and change plans. The lessons just keep coming!

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